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I’m a graphic and interactive designer.
Currently working at Loggerhead Deco as a Product Graphic Designer. I am a recent college graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design and Interactive Media. My concentration in this degree is Interactive Design.

My Work


Senior Project

For my senior project, I created the company Roost. This company is designed to help low-income families succeed in life by changing f minor part of their lives. Roost is a company that creates $5 subscription boxes for low-income families. There are 2 different types of boxes for the consumers: food and cleaning. Below is the design work that I did for this project. 

Sankta Lucia Glögg Design

Sankta Lucia Glögg is a product that was designed for a packaging class. This design was intended to resemble to Swedish Christmas time culture.


BirchMate is a company intended to take place of Birchbox's Men's box. This design is intended to portray masculine features as well as keeping the clean design of the Birchbox name.


MediHigh is a company designed for the evolving medical cannabis market. MediHigh allows for users to grow their own cannabis at home. The kit consists of all necessary elements for growing medicinal cannabis. 

Mockup Bumper Video - Mopar Performance

This is a short video designed for a bumper video. The choice to animate words for a Typography in Motion class.

Mental Health Posters